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Research Projects


Potentials of Agroecological practices in east africa with a focus on Circular water-energy-nutrient systems (PrAEctiCe)
PrAEctiCe will provide a novel agro-ecology indicator set for East Africa, aimed at helping smallholder farmers in th
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Building Capacity for Innovation and Advancement of Climate Smart Agriculture in East and Southern Africa
BLUE-CYCLING Food Systems & Climate (FOSC) - Integrated aquaculture and agriculture for resource-efficient food production
The challenge of Climate change si providing sustainable food production for growing population
Validating Climate-Smart Fish Culture Systems (CSFCS) for Increased Aquaculture Productivity and Livelihood Security in Kenya
Climate-Smart Fish Culture Systems (CSFCS)
Optimizing Black Soldier Fly Value chain for Sustainable Aquaculture and Food Security in Kenya and Uganda (OBSAFS)
Project Brief
Optimizing Artemia Production Technology for Sustainable Aquaculture Development (APTSAD), Food Security and Economic Growth for the East African Coastal Communities
Enhancing livelihoods of East African coastal communities through integrated Artemia-aquaculture and Value Chain link
Revisiting Climate Change Mitigation Potential in Smallholder Farming Systems in Kenya (RECLIK)
Deepening the understanding of the effects of management on C sequestration and the GHG balance of agricultural lands
Capacity Building for Mitigation of GHG Emissions and Improved Ruminant Productivity through Efficient Feeding and Manure Management Strategies in Agro-Pastoral Systems
Applied research in measurement of Greenhouse gas from the agricultural sector
Building Capacity for Climate-Resilient Food Systems in Africa (CaReFoAfrica)
Intra Africa Mobility of Masters and PhD students