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Message from the Chairman of Department


to the Department of Animal and Fisheries Sciences at Maseno University! We are delighted that you are considering pursuing studies in this exciting and essential field in food and nutrition security. Our department is committed to providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment that nurtures your academic and personal growth. Through our quality teaching, innovative research, and outreach activities, we equip students with the knowledge, practical skills, and technologies needed to become change agents and industry leaders in animal and fisheries sectors. We offer exciting undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Animal Sciences, and Animal health and production. Other programs include diploma and short trainings in Animal health and production and Aquaculture production and Management. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you in your journey towards academic excellence and career success. Our students have acquired lucrative placements in the fields of research, academia, management and policies, individual and cooperate consultancies, NGOs, Private companies and self-entrepreneurship, among others.

More About Us

Food Systems

Chairman of Department

Dr. Erick Ogello: | View Profile
We Are:

Offering the best Animal & Fisheries Programmes

Dynamic and Supportive Learning
Aquaculture Development
Animal Husbandry:

Providing support and guidance to livestock farmers to improve animal health, productivity, and welfare.

Research and Development:

Conducting scientific research to advance knowledge in areas such as animal behavior, genetics, nutrition, fisheries biology, and aquaculture technology.


Why choose Animal and Fisheries Sciences

Contribution to Food Security:

With the global population growing, there is an increasing demand for sustainable food sources.

Passion for Animals and the Environment

If you have a deep interest in animals, their behavior, and their natural habitats, studying animal..

Addressing Environmental Challenges:

Human activities such as habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change pose significant threats to animal populations and aquatic ecosystems.

Diverse Career Opportunities:

A degree in animal and fisheries sciences opens up a wide range of career paths in areas such as wildlife conservation, fisheries management, aquaculture, animal husbandry, research, education, and environmental consulting.

Hands-On Learning and Research Opportunities:

Many programs in animal and fisheries sciences offer hands-on learning experiences through fieldwork, internships, and research projects.

Making a Difference:

Whether you're working to conserve endangered species, improve animal welfare, or promote sustainable fishing practices